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Moving from free-area to warzone

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  1. dkathede

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Feb 9 2013 20:05:55

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    Hello Bed Bug Community,

    I absolutely have to move to Chicago for my job and all the apartments I can afford have been listed on the registry (not that they're dumps - just that the city is extra-infected). I called the landlord and they said that they are good about dealing with infestations should they arise which is similar what has been said in the registry reports.

    I know that in a perfect world I could be moving to a place that's not number one on the most bed bug infested cities in America, but sadly my options are limited as a fresh-faced graduate.

    Despite my landlord's assurances that everything is ok and that they will take care of any infestations immediately, and the site registry stating that the last infestation was over two years ago, I still would like to take as many preventative measures as possible.

    First, I'll check cracks with a credit card to see if there is still a problem. I plan on calking everything before I move anything into the apartment - the windows, floor board runners, light fixtures, areas around pipes and molding around doorways. I also plan to seal the floor with oil-based polyurethane. I'll keep my bed away from the walls and place the anti-crawl-up footies on each post. I'll probably double check with double sided tape at each post as well. I'll probably unscrew all the electrical outlets and spray some DE in them before sealing them back up nice and tight. If I'm feeling extra paranoid, I might put up a canopy to ensure that they don't crawl up the walls and drop on the bed that way.

    What I'm wondering from you guys is if I should have the place scoped out by a dog team before I move in? Should I be taking any more steps? What should I be calking that I'm not thinking of? Is there anything you wish someone had told you before you moved in to a war zone?

    Thank you for you help and best of luck in the on-going war against bed bugs. Humans will prevail!

  2. Koebner

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Feb 10 2013 7:28:18

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    I think you really, really need to read this site's FAQs. Understanding bed bugs is the difference between effective precautions/ treatment & throwing money away. There's a huge amount of nonsense talked about BBs, often by people who really should know better. Our host, Nobugsonme, has done a sterling job of collating reliable & up-todate info here & I can't recommend it highly enough.

    The single most effective thing you could do would be to spend a few bucks on passive monitors available via the US Bed Bugs links on this page (buying by that route will also mean that this site gets a small financial contribution towards keeping the place going.)

    If there is still BB activity in your new appartment, you should hold off any caulking activities until the problem is resolved, so it's better to know before you start work.

    When you move, seal your moving boxes into plastic - I favour security film - then unpack only essential items. Keep your clothes & other necessary linens in ziplocks. If you use a passive, you'll know very quickly if there's BB activity & you can take the issue up with your LL before you've unpacked.

    BTW, Don't get Chicago out of proportion - I sincerely doubt that you live in a bed bug-free area right now - I sincerely doubt there's any such region.

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