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Moving - fear of bringing Bed Bugs

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  1. Psykobr4t

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Sep 10 2013 6:34:10

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    About a year ago, I moved in with a friend of mine, who neglected to tell me her former home had a Bed Bug infestation, so incidentally, she brought them to our apartment. The bugs took a couple months to really migrate from her room to mine, and it was never "severe", but did get pretty bad. We were never able to afford pest control services, so I just kept doing what I could to keep their population down until our lease was up.

    Here's my current issue. I just moved in with a new friend, and brought a very minimal amount of belongings with me. I didn't bring ANY bedding or fabric covered furniture with me, and when I packed my clothes, I washed and dried all of them first, then packed them in large plastic totes, AND left them in the Phoenix summer heat for several day (Most days were between 105-110 degrees).

    I did eventually bring over my dresser, night stand, and bookshelf, but they had been in an empty apartment with no AC for about a month.

    Now I'm staying here, and I have not seen any evidence of any little hitch hikers, and it may just be my paranoia, but I feel itchy constantly, although I can find no bites, and the itching is randomly all over, not concentrated in certain spots. But it still terrifies me, as I would feel horrible if I brought them here. Essentially I want to know what the chances are of them surviving being exposed to such heat and lack of food, and still re-infesting. I can answer any questions if need be. Thank you.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Sep 10 2013 7:36:40

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    There is a good post on moving here:

    You may also want to check the FAQ's and useful tools on confirming and monitoring for the signs of bedbugs.

    The risk of bringing them into the new home is all related to the severity of infestation (physical numbers not emotional stress) and the steps taken to avoid transfer during the move. However if you confirm an issue in the new place when its only small its a lot easier to resolve.

    Hope that helps.

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