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Moving, can't wait for confirmation, should I be ok?

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  1. Buggedout32145

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 10 2016 14:16:51

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    So it started 10 days ago when upon allowing someone to store bags at my house I woke up with around 10 bites on my lower back, 6 of which in a straight line. Terminix came, saw nothing, everything was ok for 8 days then i woke up with 2 bites behind my knee. There are no fecal stains or anything for the pco to confirm therefore they can't treat. I however would just like to leave before it gets outta hand. While I know theres a chance it's not bed bugs or Maybe just one, it is not a chance I'm willing to take. I'm taking no furniture, no clothes, putting all my family photos in a Ziploc and in storage. I plan on showering putting on clean clothes and shoes and walking out the door. Without seeing a bug, is it possible that I will be rid of them once I leave everything? While this sounds extreme I have not slept more than an hour a night and have lost 6 pounds in the past 10 days because I can't even for a second stop thinking about this. Is it safe to move????? Please please.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 11 2016 2:32:08

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    It's hard to say because you may not even have bed bugs in your home. The skin reactions could have another cause. If everything you take has been treated (ie clothing dried on hot and sealed until you wear it) and you walk right out the door, taking nothing else (which hasn't been treated), then how could you bring bed bugs?

    I personally would not want to take these measures without visual evidence.

    Have the suspect bags been removed from the home? Were they inspected by the pro?

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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