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Moving, can I keep books, records?

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  1. thisisacrisis

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Sep 7 2017 12:53:49

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    It's been a couple months since this started for me. I posted previously but deleted my posts because I don't want this connected to me in anyway, but I have to ask some questions regarding moving.

    I was exposed to a very heavy bed bug infestation in late June/early July. I got hundreds of bites, but they didn't appear until about 9-10 days after I was first exposed. Bugs made it to my apartment. I have never seen any signs of bugs in my apartment, and neither has a professional, but I have continued to get bites (infrequently) since the first exposure (and have not been back to that place). The professional treated my apartment three times, the last time was 2 weeks ago. I have new bites as of yesterday.

    I would like very much to move to get away from this situation. I can't handle it. I am going to abandon/throw away all of my things- all of my furniture, kitchenware, linens- I don't care.

    I only care about 3 things: my vinyl records (about 150), my books (a couple hundred), and electronics (record player, speakers, laptop, iPad).

    What is the safest option? For books & records, Is it safe enough to pack them in ziploc bags or plastic tubs, duct tape shut, and store them in a storage facility for 18 months? Will that definitely mean all the bugs/eggs are dead?

    For electronics that I can't store, what can I do? I have heard of a packtite but the link from this website says they're discontinued. I also don't know the cost and I don't know if that's even safe for electronics.

    I have also heard of using a fumigation/vikane treatment for your belongings when you move. Is this a better option than storage? Does anyone know of a price range?

    Lastly, clothes. I will get rid of all of my clothes, shoes, and purses if I have to. But is that overkill? Is it absolutely safe to take things to the dry cleaner or to heat in dryer?

    I want to move and for this problem to go away. Please give me honest feedback. Thanks.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Sep 9 2017 22:33:10

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    If a professional can't find evidence in your home, it is likely you don't have them now. Even if they did not detect a very low level problem, you then had three treatments.

    It's possible you reacted to bed bugs originally but are now reacting to something else.

    If bed bugs are present, you'd need to treat anything you take with you. Vinyl can't be exposed to heat, so DDVP or Cirkil/Proof Rag in a Bag may be an option.

    Books and album covers could be treated the same way or with heat such as a Packtite.

    Packtite isn't discontinued. Only the original model is. Use the links in the Useful Tools page and if you alert me to the dead link, I will fix it. Thanks!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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