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Moving Bed Bug Free (Vikane Car)

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  1. aworley

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 20 2017 20:03:34

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    I recently moved into a new apartment in a new city for work (first post-grad job). Turns out, the place is infested with bed bugs. After lots of prodding, the landlord paid to treat my unit but won't pay to treat the others. Worried they would just come back, I prodded him more and he eventually said I can break my lease and move. My question is how can I move without bringing them with me? I only own a couple pieces of furniture, so my plan as of now is to trash those (properly) and then pack my clothes, shoes, dishes, electronics, and essential papers into my car and have that fumigated (there is a place about 2 hrs away that does it for $600). I'm not convinced my car is infested, and everything I could heat treat has been and sealed, but you never know, and this way I could just have everything absolutely treated in one swoop.

    Will that work? Fumigating my car with my possessions in it? Or is there a chance the gas won't reach everything? Thanks in advance, this has been hell to deal with alone in a new city.

  2. mp7ski

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Sep 21 2017 7:11:48

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    I just did a fumigation of a moving truck... threw out all our furniture anyways, got a way bigger truck than needed, packed everything loosely in cardboard boxes... the whole nine yards... and it may have failed. Been getting skin reactions since moving our stuff in. Vikane, if done right, should kill everything... at least that's what we're told.

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