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Moving advice, more bites (?) and an update.

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    Sun Aug 4 2019 0:58:42

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    So today we had our third PCO treatment after finding a couple live ones after our follow up. We told him where are still finding live and dead nymphs on the one spot on our couch which we don't even use. After doing a very thorough inspection of our couch, he found no evidence of bugs, nymphs or eggs. He also re inspected and treated the rest of the apartment and told us that after discussing our case, him and the other inspector (who did our initial treatment and who's also the one who confirmed that we have bb) have come to the conclusion that we most likely got the infestation from another unit. We had already been looking for a place to live, but because our lease wasn't up until July 31st we were basically stuck here until a few days ago. Since then we've found a place. My obvious concern is that these little bastards will go with us. Before I continue let me clarify a few things.

    1. We live in the desert. The average temperature lately is between 110-120...brutal! So I've decided to rent a storage unit to store our belongings in and let me tell you, it is HOT inside that unit. Before we move, our PCO has treated and has agreed to treat the two main things that I plan on keeping before we put them into storage. I can't bring myself to take our couch and bed so it's looking like those will be going bye-bye. The only thing that I plan on taking is our clothes and that is only after I take them to the laundromat and put them on high heat and then storing them in our garage until I'm mentally comfortable bringing them inside. The one argument that I'm not winning is our electronics. I want to get rid of them, he doesn't. we have 2 TVs and a PS4...not too much, but they're brand freakin' new. I feel like I should be taking more precautions regarding this move so I could really use any and all advice.

    And that brings me to my final question (sorry for making this so long)
    My boyfriend who (so far) is the main one affected by the bites woke up today with what he thinks are bites all over his butt cheeks and the back of his legs. Weird thing is that our bed has no blood, skin or fecal stains and after inspecting the bed today our PCO found zero evidence of anything on the bed. And my boyfriend has been sleeping in what he calls his "hazmat suit" which is a long sleeve shirt, sweats and socks which he puts over his sweats so we're kind of at a loss. We wash and dry our clothes (including his hazmat suit) in Borax and Tide daily in hot water and dry them on high setting. So yesterday he forgot to put it in the dryer before work so after putting them in the dryer he realized they were still a little damp when he put them on. He also has been spraying our bed with diluted eucalyptus oil nightly so I'm wondering if all of this is causing some sort of reaction.

    I'm sorry for making this so long I'm just so baffled by all this and could really use any input.

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