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Movers caused tear in encasement

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  1. overlyparanoid

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Jun 20 2010 17:54:34

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    Compared to some of the stuff I've read here, it seems like I have a pretty mild case, but you all know how paranoid you get!

    Ok, I'll make this as brief as possible. Five weeks ago I picked up bed bugs at a hotel and apparently brought at least one home with me. (I didn't show symptoms until the day after I got back--lovely.) I did everything one is to do--bagged, steamed, laundered, etc. In doing this, I didn't see any traces of bugs. I called an exterminator and the only thing he found was one shell of one bed bug in the boxspring. Other than that, he couldn't find anything--bugs, poop, blood, etc. He said it was a really mild case, but he still sprayed, and since then I haven't gotten a single bite.

    When he sprayed, I had my mattress/boxspring encased in plastic, so he sprayed over the plastic. I decided to buy a new mattress/boxspring and have it delivered in a few weeks, so I could be more confident that they were gone. I got it delivered today, and on the way out, the movers made a tear in the encasement. Now, taking the encasement out of the house took approximately ten seconds, and it was outside for maybe ten minutes.

    Do you think those ten seconds could have caused any bed bugs to leap out? I vacuumed the entire area (and sanitized the vacuum) and haven't seen any (and it's been almost five weeks since the encasements went on so all eggs would have hatched), but I'm still really paranoid that they're James Bond and are pissed-off, hungry, and looking for revenge tonight.

    Any help would be great! (Oh, and while we're at it--I STILL have bumps from the bites. They've gone down, but are still clearly visible. It's been FIVE WEEKS. Will they ever go away?)

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