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Moved away from bed bugs. Ive been getting bites but have to move in a few weeks

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    Fri Jul 7 2017 19:15:22

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    So last fall I had bed bugs. The landlords PCO came and treated twice but I wasn't ever confident that they were gone completely (I saw a live one about 2 weeks after the last treatment) I had another treatment in December and after that treatment the PCO (different one this time) inspected and didn't recomend another treatment. In the weeks after the treatment there were no signs of bed bugs. In January I move back in with my parents and have been living with them since. When I moved back I only brought some clothes and put them in the dryer as soon as I got home. I know moving when you may have bed bugs is a bad idea but I had a good reason to, thought drying my clothes would be good, didn't really think I had any more bugs at my home anyways.

    My situation now is that I am moving into a new apartment in August and recently woke up with several bite looking hives on my waist. I think it may be bed bugs because I recently brought more clothes home (about a month ago) in preparation for the move (which I of course threw in the dryer for a while). When i had bed bugs, I never got large hives like this but i don't know what else it would be. i searched around my room pretty thoroughly and couldn't find anything at all bed bug related. I did find a fair amount of carpet beetle shells/ and some carpet beetles) . On top of all this my mother is deathly afraid of bed bugs and would become manic if I even mention I am worried about bed bugs in our home.

    I'm distressed because if I have bedbugs, it may not be for a while until I can see a sign of them to have a PCO come, and even if one comes then I have to leave mid treatment. What do people think I should do in my situation?

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