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Moved after Heat Treatment. Should I buy Bedlam as percaution?

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  1. LittleRin

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Apr 19 2018 17:47:42

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    I moved away from a minor bed bug infestation after a heat treatment where residuals were also sprayed. The apartment was in terrible condition and the PCO suspected the bed bugs might have been coming from another unit, so I didn't want to wait the 60 days to confirm we were bed bug free as they might just come back in that time.

    I feel like the heat treatment was probably well done. When I got home hours later, the pile of clothes they'd created individually heating my clothing was still warm.

    When I moved, I took a lot of precautions, but am obviously still very paranoid. 2 days ago an old bite either re-flared, or I was bitten again in the exact same spot. I also had a single tiny dot that was itchy. This caused me to put CimeXa dust into the baseboards of my entire studio except for the bathroom and the kitchen and under my mattress as it is currently on the floor.

    I haven't found any signs of bed bugs yet while inspecting the mattress. I bought a cover and am going to put it on the mattress today.

    I keep thinking of buying Bedlam and spraying my furniture, but I'm not sure if it's just the paranoia and I should wait until I find something or get bites first. Is it too much? Should I hold off on buying Bedlam until I actually see something?

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