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monitoring and timing

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Sat Aug 3 2019 12:20:01

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    Hi all,

    I posted my book-length story in the Introductions forums, but thought I'd pull out my questions about monitoring here.

    I think we caught a small infestation within 4-5 weeks of its onset. We found isolated fecal stains and 3-4 blood smears along the rails of our wooden bed, and some casings, maybe 3 live bugs, and about a dozen eggs all clustered at a corner under the slats and in a seam behind the headboard. There was nothing on the mattress, which we've encased. We ripped out the carpet, which we were going to do this year anyway, and found nothing under tack strips or baseboards. We scrubbed the frame with water and dish soap, sprayed it with Raid foam (I won't do again in case it has a fogger effect), and sealed all the gaps. We dusted with Cimexa 6 days ago.

    No new bug evidence, bites are drastically diminished, and it's now been 4 days since we saw a long and sluggish live bug

    I know it's much too early to declare victory—especially if they're just waiting out the blast of Raid or if there are eggs we missed—but I'm hopeful.

    Assuming we're on the right track, at what point would you start using passive monitors? We can’t do interceptors because the frame touches the floor along the length of the headboard and footboard. (It's a bed like this one.)


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