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    Sat Oct 10 2009 14:20:55

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    I live in a large house in Brooklyn, NY and have had this problem BB, going on two years in Nov. Finally John was here and did his dusting work and actually haven't seen one single bug for months. I've occasionally gotten bites but they were just bites from something. Who knew what. We have those red, bubble like spiders, weavels and mites. I mostly find the spiders dead except once in a while alive in our beds. I have developed PTSD and every night prior to bed, I take the covers and matress apart for any evidence. I search my body for bites. Even with meds and therapy I live in terror. When I'm out in restaurants or other people's houses I check anything that even resembles a bb. So this morning I found 2 tiny bugs around the edge of encased mattress. Yesterday I think I smashed something on the side of my bed that I thought was a bb; however after smashing it was a brown mushed non-descript thing. I looked with a flash light and there were no signs of a bug. Anyway, thank God Ceasure is back and he's going to check out these two small bugs I found and we'll go from there. Anyone else out there suffer now with PTSD as a result of BB's?

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