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  1. MaryJaneDoe

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Thu Jan 24 2019 17:42:37

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    So today the people from the pest control company who shall not be named came to treat my apartment. I get home after the "treatment" was done and literally only a portion of my sectional was treated (I should mention this is primarily where I sleep). There are three parts to it and I found bed bugs in both of the larger couches that are pushed together. The plan of action was supposed to be to heat treat the couch and the bed and powder the perimeter of the apartment and it appears nothing has been done to the bed at all and not sure about the perimeter. When I first found out I had them I hand picked literally any and all bugs I could find with tape out of every crack and crevice. I also powdered with diatomaceous earth literally everywhere. It's been a week since I did that and I've only been seeing smaller ones the past few days. When I tried to call them they said I would first have to complain to the office in my apartment building since it was a commercial account. Of course their office was closed by the time I got off the phone with the pest control company. I am at a loss and very upset as I have been sleeping with plastic sheeting and anxiously awaiting the treatment. Is it possible to get ride of them with hand cleaning plus diatomaceous earth alone if it is a light infestation? Please help!

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