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Mistakes made via panic. Realize I need expert help

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  1. Bbplagued

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Apr 23 2018 8:39:45

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    Hello, this is my first post. I discovered bb two weeks ago. I noticed when I put fitted sheet on mattress, a bunch of black dots in corner seems. To my horror, a bug came out of hiding when I pressed down on the seem. I tried another corner, and the same thing happened. I ran out and bought some lemongrass oil spray from Home Depot. (also, ordered SayByeBug spray, but did not want to wait four days to treat, so I bought some spray to hold us in the meantime)

    I thought I was going to pass out when I saw how many came out of hiding, after I sprayed. A few days later, I decided I wanted the bed out. It was in decent condition, too.:( I ran out and bought plastic mattress bags to discard mattress and box springs. I was hoping this was contained to my room. I emptied my dressers, bagged up all clothes, stripped room down, sprayed, and vacuumed.

    A few days ago, I did a better search in my husband's room.(separate rooms, incompatible sleep schedules) His bed was worse than mine! I actually found bugs on his mattress seams. I don't know if it started in his room. His room was awful, and threw away his mattress and box springs. No great loss there, as we were going to toss it in near future anyways.

    I made mistake of moving to sofa in living room, while my room is vacant. I did not realize they would follow me. I discovered that news a few days, ago. Too late! Found one in seems of sofa in my search of it. My husband moved into another tv room we have. He needed to sleep somewhere. By this time, I feel we are doomed already, anyways. After, one sleepless night for him, I ran out and bought a raised airbed, and put him in my room. I remain on the sofa, for now.

    I have decided that we need professional help. This battle is too big for me. My husband thinks we can battle this without the expense of PCO and read that people still have them after hiring PCO. Silly man thinks that we got most of them, and may have a few stragglers. I told him that we are not going to be out of the woods, for at least 18 months. It will be a huge financial strain for us, but I see no other option to rid of these.

    I am OCD about all of this. I throw everything in the dryer. I throw my sheet in dryer every day, and cover sofa. I throw my clothes that I am wearing in the dryer for thirty minutes before I put on to leave house. I am spraying my shoes and purse with alcohol. My husband, on the other hand, is not so careful.. I feel like I will never get rid of them. Trust me, the thought of having him leave, temporarily until I have this under control to a degree, has occurred to me. Hopefully, the PCO can convince him of how important is to follow instructions to the letter.

    Also, I have an adult pregnant daughter that is here everyday. She does not live here, but hangs here because she is lonely, and is not working now. Also, has my grandson every other week with her. He is my best buddy, but I cringe at him picking them up and spreading as well. He stays with his dad every other week, so there will be another infestation. Tried telling this to my daughter, but she thinks I am being hysterical. I believe this home should be quarantined for a bit.

    And, to top this off, this is my mother's house. I moved in to care for her when she could no longer live alone. She has dementia, and is 93. For her room, I will buy the encasement covers for bed and box springs. It is complicated.

    My question is should I just keep doing what I am doing. Spraying until the PCO can come. Stay on the sofa for now. I told my husband I would sleep with him on airbed on his nights off. I think sofa can live without me for two nights. And, do I continue to spray the sofa, or let it alone for now. I am so freaked this will get out of hand.(if not, already)

  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Apr 23 2018 16:29:10

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    I'd ask your PCO about the spray. Call him before using it again if you can. Mixing sprays could leave their product useless, or make you quite sick. You should also mention to your PCO that there are a pregnant woman, a small child, and an elderly person frequently in your home. That may seriously effect their treatment plan. Do this before they come to treat if possible, so they don't come with a truck full of product they can't safely use.

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