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Mikron and Sterifab and NuVan

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  1. brooklynbedbugs

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Dec 4 2016 10:16:03

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    Hi - would love feedback on whether my PCO's method seems effective.

    We have a very small infestation - it seems isolated to my roommate's side of the apartment (it's a two bedroom in Brooklyn). We've already gone through two treatments and the bugs were gone for close to a month before my roommate had new bites and we found a bug on his mattress cover.

    The first time around the PCO looked and said it was a small infestation, isolated to my roommate's room. This time it's unclear whether the new bugs (which there can't be many of) are survivors from last time or if they came back in from somewhere else. We live in a large apartment complex, which makes me maddeningly afraid because we could do everything right and our neighbors could still be harboring the bed bugs. The neighbors have been contacted to receive inspections, though I can't find out whether they are all allowing the inspections to happen.

    The exterminator is coming back tomorrow for the first of a new round of treatments. Under their instructions, we're putting all our clothes and fabric through high heat in the dryer for 30 minutes. We've been told to leave books on shelves, just get everything away from the walls and get all clutter off the floor. They're spraying the floor "and getting in all the cracks and crevices" with sterifab and mikron. They're also selling us Nuvan strips - we'll use these for some select items we want to sterilize without washing. My roommate will use one or two in his sealed closet. I'll use the rest in plastic bins and bags.

    This PCO has good reviews and seems knowledgable, but I'd love second opinions on whether this should work.

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Dec 4 2016 17:52:21

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    Sterifab is pretty much just a contact killer. You would still want a monitoring system in place.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap
  3. Livingagain

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Dec 4 2016 21:33:11

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    But Mikron is residual. Maybe you could ask him if after things dry you could put dust in cracks, crevices, voids.

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