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Might have bedbugs. Are these blood stains on my sheets? Please help!

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  1. BedBugTO

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Dec 4 2011 17:09:36

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    Hi there. I'm hoping some of you experts can offer some advice. I was changing my sheets yesterday and I found what I'm pretty sure was a dead, unfed bedbug. No blood came out of it when I smooshed it.

    I did a quick check under the mattress topper, and then under the mattress, and found two little guys scurrying around in between the mattress and the box spring. (!!!!) The dead guy I found was clearly a bedbug, was brown, about the size of an apple seed, but these two little guys were really small and hard to identify. They were kind of clear, about the size of a pinhead, or smaller. Maybe a baby bedbug, or something totally different.

    Obviously, I flipped, and bagged up all of my bedding and any clothing and stuff on the floor. I vacuumed the whole apartment, around the walls, around the bed, etc. etc. And I sprayed a bunch of bed bug killer that my neighbour (who'd dealt with bed bugs a few months ago) recommended. I'm now hiding out at my parents' place.

    But here's the thing though. Other than the two unwanted house guests, I couldn't find any evidence of an infestation. I didn't see any eggs, any casts, any other bugs, and I haven't been bit. (Of course now I'm paranoid and all my freckles look like bites, but they're not.) I live in a city that has a huge bed bug problem, and this same thing happened to me about a year ago. I found a single bedbug, cleared out of my whole apartment, and when the exterminator guy came, he told me he saw no evidence of bed bugs in my apartment. Could that be the case this time?

    The only thing I noticed that was sort of weird was a few spots on my fitted bedsheet. They're black ish, and kind of look like ink spots. Could these be blood stains? They're on the part of the sheet that hugs the mattress (either on the side, or tucked in between the mattress and the box spring), not the part I'd sleep on. I took a picture:

    Could this be anything?

    What should I do now? Should I call an exterminator again, even though I haven't seen much evidence? Is it possible to just have a couple of bedbugs mosey into my place, and not have an infestation?

    Please help!

    Thank you!

  2. punaisedelit

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Dec 4 2011 17:54:19

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    I'll let a specialist confirm, but those do look like bed bug fecal stains

  3. BedBugTO

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Dec 5 2011 11:45:17

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    Sad face, indeed! Thanks for your input. That's what I was afraid of.

    On closer examination, I found the spots on my pillow, too. So gross! And something that may or may not have been eggs. Sigh. Definitely going into full-on extermination mode, now, and hiding out at my parents' place for a couple of weeks.

    I still haven't found any bites on me at all (though I feel itchy ALL the time now, I'm sure it's just in my head). I also have extremely sensitive skin, so I don't imagine I am part of the percentage of people who don't respond to bites. It is strange, though.

    Is it possible that this is just the very early stage of a problem, and I can nip it in the bud easily?

  4. soretit

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Dec 5 2011 12:26:01

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    My first bugs were running around on me.
    The next lot were on the bed some days later.
    I obviously had a problem because I had a lot of bites, which I hadnt really been bothered by and so had not taken seriously.
    Mine didnt itch.

    You dont mention any bites , or at least not a lot of bites at the same time.
    So either you are immune to them or you havent looked on your person properly yet.

    The first place to look is the headboard.
    They like to bite faces and arms, so it appears.
    I took mine to pieces.
    And there they were.
    If I had not done that I might still be using my bed.
    The problem with bedbugs is that you cant see them.
    That means they could be anywhere.

    So start on yourself.
    Then the bed. That means taking it apart as any honest and sensible person will advise if you have already found bugs.
    Some people seem very half hearted about looking and getting rid of objects bugs use.
    Be honest.
    Be systematic.

    From where you sleep move outwards.

    But you seem pretty bright.
    You know what to do its just the lengths you will go to to sort it.

    All if have told you here is for your first day, if you want to stay there any longer.
    If not go and stay at your parents, tell them and get them to hire a good Pest Control Company to fix your place.

    I am afraid easy it is not.

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