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Mental state deteriorating rapidly

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Thu Dec 24 2015 16:24:48

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    Just looking for... Reassurance i guess?

    We aren't even 100% positive we have an infestation. We found one bug too young to lay eggs, got hits from k9 on a couch and chair that we removed, and along the wall where the couch was, but no visual sign or proof of any kind beyond that one single bug. PCO is coming in a few days, both K9 handler and PCO believe we caught this incredibly early. There wasn't even a sign or dog alert in the bedroom and now the mattress is encased.

    We have chosen to treat the whole house rather than just that one small area, so it's been stressful trying to arrange somewhere for all our animals to go while spray is happening. I'm terrified in my head that our infestation is worse than it is and we're going to spread these things to everyone I love.

    I'm terrified I'll have to throw away my computer, my books, (my beloved books, some of which are out of print now...) my bins of old photos... Our important paperwork and tax documents that we need... Our brand new ps4, our brand new TV.

    ThePCO told me not to worry about books, they are rarely infested unless the problem is severe, but I already have an anxiety disorder so these thoughts are ruining me mentally, I can't be alone, I don't feel safe in my house. I just cry and cry and I've been posting on this forum getting help and answers and now I'm just reeling again. I don't want to become dependent on Ativan but I can't live like this. How on earth do people deal with fullblown infestations? It's in humane that governments don't have any measures in place to deal with this, they are a menace to society.

    It is worse that we are in Canada where treatments seem to be garbage compared to what is available in the US, I would kill for a packtite but they're $1000 here and we've already spent $1000 on the dogs, on bags, on DE and me to buy some "burner" clothes I can repeatedly dry so I don't spread these at work...

    Someone please help, and reassure me that these things are all unreasonable given how minor our problem seems to be? ;-;

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