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Major updates to the "protecting the bed"/"Isolating the bed" FAQ

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    I made some major updates to the bed FAQ today. Besides some stylistic improvements which will make it easier to navigate, I also updated a lot of the information based on current theories and available tools.

    I added a third option (”do not encase”) to the other options (”protecting” and “isolating” the bed) to reflect an additional theory which is against encasing mattresses. The proponent of this theory that we’re aware of is David Cain of Bed Bugs Limited. If David was my PCO, and he told me not to, I would not encase! However, I do note that most PCOs do recommend good encasements, and most use different methods from David.

    I further highlighted the controversial aspects of “isolating the bed,” which were already noted, and are reasons many including myself do not now recommend full "isolation" of the bed.

    I changed the “isolating” directions to recommend the use of Climbup Interceptors under bed legs instead of cups with oil, vaseline, and double-sided tape, because the passive bed bug monitor (Climbup) allows you to trap samples, whereas the other methods may simply deter bed bugs. Would you rather stop bed bugs and have evidence? Or just deter them? I think it’s a no-brainer!

    However, I did leave information from Dee’s original FAQ on isolating with cups and mineral or tea tree oil, and double-sides tape / vaseline, in case people insist on isolating but cannot get Climbup Interceptors in their country. I still don’t like the isolating idea, but I realize some people will do this anyway, so I am choosing to provide the information alongside the warnings against it, so people will have all the information.

    Please have a look at the updated FAQ. If you have additional suggestions, please note them in the comments to the FAQ itself! Many thanks!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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