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Maintaining an isolated bed after PCO

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  1. ficktion

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Fri Jun 1 2007 19:42:09

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    Hi everyone. So PCO came and i have re-encased my mattress.I know I have read this but im tired and cant find it now....Should I vaccum the encased mattress now? How do I mantain it? Should i sterilize the frame and boxsprings, and also encase the box spring now?(at least for 3 weeks before PCO comes again-The problem is ican't duct- tape the encasement zipper because he wants me to remove it for treating my bed...
    Also i'm not sure about applying kleenfree to the bed, if that will intefere with PCO chemicals

    Thanks...It will be cleaning night tonite again,so please respond if you can!


  2. willow-the-wisp

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Fri Jun 1 2007 20:18:09

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    use a good "goob" of vasaline along the zipper at the place where it seals shut. this works and is less messy than it sounds.
    The Idea of taking off a cover that is permanent is not usually advised--I'd ask why they want that, not that it may always be wrong--but more for your info and tell us what the PCO said. It is good for us to know what he's doing there too!
    Some bugs may get out ... but true ... if after he does what he does they will likely die (or maybe a few could escape)--so that's my concern and how wuld you dealwiththat to eliminate them or better--how would the PCO suggest you eliminate these few lucky bugs--if any Do actually escape.

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