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Losing My Mind!! Need Help

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  1. DyingInside

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 2 2017 5:25:53

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    I moved in with my Mother 10 days ago and I'm regretting it immensely! On my first night I woke up itching and couldn't get back too sleep. Thinking it was just my insomnia I disregarded it.
    Wake up next morning and my legs are tore up!! The bites were a mix of mosquito bites and sandflies or so I thought.
    The only problem with this is:
    1) Winter is coming Mosquito's should be dying
    2) I live in Wisconsin now and haven't seen a No-See-Um bug in years
    I go too my Mom and ask her my first thought of course is that we have Bedbugs and we need too treat now. I may have been a little hasty in that decision but I'm 16 my emotions tend to get the best of me.
    First thing she does is deny it vehemently and claim I got bit because she left the window open. Then she claims that she has no such bites and that I'm crazy.
    I know I'm right on this so I instantly look up ways I can stop this. I cleaned this apartment from top too bottom with bleach and I vacuumed so good Jesus would have wept. I instantly took all my clothes to the laundry mat and after they were done put them in XL Ziplock bags along with my blankets and sheets. I literally drenched my bed in Lysol and the surrounding carpet.
    I clean everyday and have been cleaning for the past 10 days. And everyday the bites and the itching get worse.

    After speaking to my brother I have found out that he has been suffering for almost 2-3 months! He lifted his shirt and showed me his back and let me tell you folks it's WW3 there.

    I have found no "nests" while cleaning and have only found the occasional bug that decides to pop up whenever I finally start dosing off. I kill them every time. I have not slept a full 3 hours in 10 days people I'm living off of short power naps to keep me going and a crap ton of Red bull. I can't live this way as if my insomnia isn't bad enough as it is.

    Tonight it has made its way to my chest and shoulders and I'm just praying that it doesn't get too my face. I'm starting school soon and I can't have people see this. Usually I would not give two flying craps as too what those other girls think but my life has fallen apart and I can't keep pretending I don't care hence me coming too live with my Mother.

    I need to fix this and I need to fix this soon. My Mother doesn't care because "it doesn't concern her" and I'm losing my sanity. Please if anyone has any advice that would help with this infestation I would be extremely grateful.

    Sincerely, A teen about too drink one too many Redbulls

  2. Myworstnightmare

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 2 2017 12:43:23

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    If you are able to take a picture of one of the bugs you find and post it here under a new thread with a request to ID it one of the experts can confirm for you whether it is bed bugs. That is where I would start. They are stressful but once you get an ID others can help you with some ideas what to do next.

  3. psychologically_messed_up

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 2 2017 14:03:43

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    You mentioned 'apartment'... is there a landlord or management office you could talk to? If your brother has been suffering for the summer, and it truly is BB's, I have to believe attached units would be having problems, especially seeing as nothing has been done thus far to treat/erridicate the issue...

    Good luck, and try not to drink too much Red Bull. It's not good for you. (Hi, pot, I'm kettle, how are ya? I drink it daily) and if possible, sleep in long, tight clothes all tucked in with socks. The less skin you have showing, the less bites you'll suffer from.

    And def try to get a good, quality photo of one of the bugs. Our experts will let you know for sure what it is, and how to proceed with next steps. Good luck hun!!

    (Edit: if you're worried about smashing one and not being able to photo it, or just for some additional piece of mind, go to Walgreens or somewhere similar and grab yourself a spray bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol. See one, douse it with 2-3 sprays. It will die right away, and you'll be able to take a picture without it running off)

    "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras" Theodore Woodward

    I am, by no means, a pro. I'm simply a person that has had unfortunate luck, and somehow acquired the little guys.
    Any/all 'advice' I have to share is based on my own personal history and/or things I've read from the professionals on this site.
    My profession is medical, which is where I am confident in any advice I give, however rare it may be.

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