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Losing my mind

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  1. Panic

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 2017 11:02:01

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    I have three school age children, and a baby.
    My husband works very hard, working two jobs.
    I was halfway through earning my BSN degree, in hopes of a good career and good money. I was a 4.0 student. While completing my schooling, I was also a stay at home mom.

    Anyway, now bed bugs have ruined me mentally. I overreacted and trashed almost everything... Including all our beds and living room furniture. We make a sleeping area out of air mattresses every night in our empty living-room. The kids go to school and my husband goes to work all day and evening... I feel stuck in this house with my baby. I can no longer focus on my classes. I ignore all phone calls and texts. I avoid important things that I need to do. I sit and cry and cry... (in between doing laundry over and over and over again). I have also taken to drinking booze at night to help me fall asleep... Otherwise I lay in bed awake for long periods of time, thinking about those things crawling on me and my children.

    We are quickly running out of money, due to the treatments and related items.
    We are running very low on food left in the house.
    I don't cook meals anymore, just something quick and easy... I feel guilty about it later, but I keep doing it.

    My family will not stop by to visit, for understandable reasons...
    They also make me feel too ashamed and uncomfortable to go visit them.
    I really don't have any friends that I visit with.
    Last week was my college "spring break" but not my kids' spring break
    Therefore, I have not walked outside of my house in over a week and I have spent most of that week alone with a baby in an empty house that has bed bugs...

    I see bugs on me that are not really there. When I walk past the bathroom mirror especially, I will see bugs running on me for a moment. I feel "bites" that are not real. I have dreams about bed bugs most nights.
    -Sometimes nightmares: Like, seeing my little crying baby covered in thousands of bed bugs. - Or having bed bugs in my ears and nose and mouth...
    -Sometimes strange dreams: Like tying a goat in each room of my house because my husband told me goats kill bed bugs...

    I am obsessed... I look up bed bug videos and read about them and talk about them constantly... I am terrified of them. It is driving my husband crazy. I have used so many cleaning products without gloves that my hands are raw and cracked and bleeding in some placed.

    I throw away more and more stuff all the time. I cannot stop myself... I keep thinking maybe a bug managed to get into the clean bag before I tied it up.... I am paranoid. I have to fight the urge to toss out our bagged clothing. I have even tossed out some items that meant a lot to me. I have thrown away many things that I likely didn't need to throw away.

    Will I ever feel sane again? Will this be a life-long mental condition for me? How will I ever feel safe going anywhere or having anyone over?
    How do people function after dealing with bed bugs?

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 2017 16:27:35

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    You will get better over time after the problem is solved. I had serious mental health issues when I dealt with this, but you take it one step at a time and solve the problem and then you will start to learn to live in this new reality that we all live in now.

    What have you tried so far to treat your problem?

    Do you have access to a clothes dryer?

    Do you have a vacuum?

    People fight and win against these things, you can, too. Answer my questions and we can brainstorm things that you can try.

  3. Panic

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Mar 14 2017 19:07:55

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    So far I have gotten rid of all the beds in my house. (bed frames and all).
    I have also gotten rid of my couch and love-seat, so there is only a TV and computer in our living room.

    I then sprayed the entire house with a product called "Harris Bed Bug Spray".
    It came in a kit with a foaming spray that claims to kill eggs.

    I systematically washed everything that could go into the washing machine on hot, and then dried on high heat in my dryer. (clothing, bedding, curtains, rugs, stuffed animals, etc.)
    I only left out a few outfits for us to used during the week for school and work.

    After drying, I put the items into garbage bags and knotted them shut so that they were air tight.

    I used alcohol to wipe down what little furniture remains.

    I trashed lots of "clutter" and removed all wall-hanging items.

    I have vacuumed every room in my house, daily at first... now I am exhausted, so I have moved to vacuuming every other day.

    I have also applied DE powder along the edges of every room and inside of furniture and in all cracks & nail holes in the entire house.

    I still feel icky, so I wash our bedding almost every single day, and place our pillows in the dryer every evening before we all go to sleep.

    It has been several days without a single bite, and I have not seen any bugs (dead or alive) anywhere....

    We have called and made an appointment with a company to have a dog come to our house and check for them. I will leave the powder down until the day before the dog arrives, then I have to use a shop-vac to remove it for the dog's safety.

    I have slowly started to feel safer, but cannot really feel "done" yet.
    Do you think they are still alive somewhere in the house? Hiding deep within the walls?
    How long will they go without feeding? I have moved my family into the living room for the time being, and we use air-mattresses each night. I deflate them in the morning after the kids leave for school- but I check them carefully and wipe them down before I do.

  4. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Mar 14 2017 23:51:17

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    Sorry you're going through all that.

    If you can see a mental health professional, you could probably use some support right now. What you're going through is very stressful. Getting needed support will likely help you deal with the bed bugs better as you get rid of them.

    Unfortunately, throwing out furniture isn't really an effective treatment method, and it's usually not necessary. I am sorry you've been doing that.

    You do need effective treatment. If you can hire someone who uses a combination of steam, pesticide and dusts (or even just the last two), they can treat the problem. If you're renting, this may be your landlord's responsibility.

    If you must do it yourselves, this is also possible but it not ideal. It is a lot of work and you need to research the best methods. If you can get a pro in, the problem will likely be gone faster.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  5. Panic

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 24 2017 19:53:15

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    We are trying to save up some money to hire a professional, but it will take several weeks to get enough.

    Recently, a kind family member allowed us to borrow their steamer. It is a very nice and expensive looking shark steamer with several attachments...

    Anyway, I have steamed the walls and floors and furniture and baseboards etc of every room...
    I also have "bed bug detector traps" to place under the legs of what furniture is left.

    So far, no bites and no site of bugs on the traps.
    We did see three dead adult bedbugs laying on top of a plastic bin in one bedroom... they were out in the open and dead-all curled up on their backs....
    I am hoping that the poison and DE and steaming killed them all and the three dead ones were desperate and running afraid when they perished... but IDK

    Does it sound like the problem is being solved? The steamer seems like a "professional" style steamer. It is one that we would likely not have been able to buy ourselves...

  6. BBuster

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 25 2017 11:11:42

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    You will make it.

    From my experience, washing laundry is not good enough.
    I boil all my clothing, backpacks, everything that fits in a kettle.
    Strangly enough, allmost all my clothing survives the boiling.
    It also does not get worn as fast as continously washing them.
    You can also steamiron clothings but it's less effective.

    If you can handle a sewing machine, you could get some inspiration from Kathy's bedbugpyama's. Maybe you could sew a closed cover where your baby can sleep in and you could steam or boil daily. Please do not use a small closed sleepingbag for babies.

    Try Cimexa if you can afford it.

    I don't think steaming stuff alone is going to work but it could definitely be helpfull adding this step in your plan.

    Good luck!

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