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Looking For Treatment Protocol in Cincinnati

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  1. bugalarmed

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Oct 5 2010 0:12:28

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    Hi! I'm a newbie and trying not to freak out (too much). I got bed bug bites at a hotel on 9/25 and took all precautions to try not to bring them home, but got suspicious. On Friday my pest control company did an inspection and found no real signs of infestation (no feces, no blood, no shells, no visible bugs) until suddenly a bed bug crawled up the side of the mattress. I am hopeful I am catching this early and can get it under control.

    I have received two different protocols/bids and quite frankly am confused on which is the best approach.

    Terminix recommends only treating the bedroom. They will vacuum and treat the mattress, box springs, bed frames, headboard and surrounding furniture/fixtures with RapidFreeze or a steam machine. They will also put down residual. Chemicals used include Bedlam, Gentrol Aerosal and Phantom. They inspect after 5 days and will re-treat if they find continued activity. They will then re-inspect in 30 days, and again re-treat if deemed necessary. The warranty is for 30 days and is extended to 90 days if you use mattress encasements.

    Orkin does a conventional method primarily focused on chemical treatment. They recommend treating the whole house and will treat 2 times (every 2 weeks). Products used include a growth regulator, Sterifab, Onslaught, Bedlam, Gentrol, Exciter and Tempo Dust. The warranty is 30 days.

    Is steam/heat treatment a plus? Should I get the whole house treated versus only the bedroom especially given there are no obvious signs of infestation? I really want to do this right so I don't have to do it again.

    Thanks for any help or advice!

  2. WGarrow

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Oct 5 2010 0:32:01

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    Hi there: A fellow Cincinnatian here. We had terrible problems with Terminix. They treated my mom's small studio apartment at an assisted-living facility. The technician came back one week later and reported no signs of activity. Then she came again the next week. She reported no signs of activity and said "all was clear". Well, just a few days after the "all clear" pronouncement, we found a bunch of them on the sofa. The technician was adamant that someone from the family had brought every one of them in ourselves because she had verified they were exterminated. No one in the family has bed bugs(we were inspected). Furthermore, you just can't knock them out with only one chemical treatment. And you can't do a visual inspection and expect to find every one there is. They are so tiny and hide so well. But anyway, the management of the facility said the "re-infestation" was our fault and we would have to pay ourselves for future treatments. Then a couple months later bed bugs were showing up in apartments all over the facility.

    We were also not happy with the job done by Ace. We had more bugs immediately AFTER their third spraying than before they began. If they are coming in from a neighboring apartment, I apologize to them, but we have been told all adjacent apartments were inspected and bed bug free.

    PM me for any advice

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