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Lone Bed bug in kitchen

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  1. owenjone91

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Apr 20 2017 16:44:18

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    Today as I was about to grab my rain coat which was draped over a chair in my kitchen and I saw a small bug crawling across it. Upon closer inspection, I'm certain it was a bed bug. It hadn't fed, but appeared to be an adult.

    Six months ago, bed bugs were discovered in my upstairs neighbour's apartment and my landlord thought it best to treat the whole house. We had two chemical treatments and out of paranoia, I used diatomaceous earth on the baseboards, bed legs, and on all furniture in my room. During the inspection and treatment, they found no trace of them in our apartment.

    Since then, neither apartment as seen anything. I had bed bugs at an apartment years ago and react quite strongly to their bites and I haven't been bitten. There's been no blood on the sheets or pillow cases, and I just did a close inspection of my bed and there is nothing there.

    Could this be a lone survivor from upstairs? The kitchen is the furthest room in the house from any of the bedrooms. Is it more likely that I brought it in from outside? Should I contact the landlord and try and get another treatment or should I wait and see if there's any more signs of them?


  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Apr 20 2017 17:22:44

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    A hitchiker is always possible and could have been introduced from any number of places, not necessarily the upstairs neighbour.

    I'd continue monitoring closely. It may seem overkill to notify the landlord now but he may be upset later if it turns out to be more than a lone bug and he wasn't immediately informed. Tough call.

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