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life span of nymphs without blood meal

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  1. pampas

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Mon Jun 17 2019 6:05:20

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    I've searched the forum but did not find any info that I could understand, so here's again an old question.

    Context: apart from one female bedbug found on me (after a meal), I catch everyday tiny nymphs (one or two) in my BB CO2 trap. No adults yet and it seems that running traps 24/7 on one room (which I think it's now the only one infested) and using different shoes when walking in and out of that room must have kept them isolated. I have no bites on the room where I sleep (so far).

    Obviously, the nymphs are not fed. Question is: how long can they survive without feeding?
    There are different stages (4?) of transformation and if every stage requires a meal, they cannot develop into the next stage without feeding. Yes or no?
    They die or remain in hibernation?

    Edit: I am planning on storing everything (books, paper, documents, Mac monitor, routers, TV) on my basement at around 60F (15 Celsius) in sealed bags and open them at some point in the future,

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Mon Jun 17 2019 11:02:09

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    Five stages of nymph, each requiring a blood meal to advance to the next stage. I wish I had kept better notes when I experimented with unfed nymphs. These were hatched and never fed and even then they lasted quite a long time, six to eight weeks if I remember correctly.
    I'll have to run that experiment again, it just kinda happened when I was breeding a pair that I had raised from birth.

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