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Level of BB Infestation?

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  1. ChallengeAccepted

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Apr 16 2016 20:44:33

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    This is what's happened in my first BB Experience so far:

    In the beginning of February, leading up to Valentine's Day, my partner and I allowed her brother into our home not knowing of his infestation. This meant, he slept on our couches, sat on our bed and for a few days brought his infestation into our home. We thought nothing of this until the beginning March 29th when my partner received three connecting bites. Me being the hypochondriac and anxious individual I am, I took to google, of course, Bed Bugs came up. We were later informed that her brother was being fumigated for Bed Bugs, and that it would be his third time having an infestation in two years because of living in a High Rise full of this never-ending BB Storm. Immediately we felt tortured, we live in a city where this happens far too often and we have never ourselves had this issue.

    So we tore our place apart, we examined the bed with a flashlight looking along the seams, any indents, the box spring, inside the boxspring, the headboard and saw absolutely NO INDICATION of bedbugs. No blood, no staining, no fecal matter, and no live/dead bugs. We then took to our couches and did the exact same thing and still nothing. We cleaned, continued to check, and continued to find no signs. We checked again and again, around April 5th I was laying on our couch and I caught something in my peripheral vision, I sat up to find a bug and knew immediately it was a Bed Bug. I sprayed it with an insect repellant to kill it and placed it in a small Ziploc bag to examine it, based on research I know it was an Adult Male who had not recently fed. This live bug baffled us, we could see absolutely nothing in any of our searches to indicate we even had a BB problem. So where did this bug come from?

    Instead of just doing a basic search, we literally flipped our Living Room/Bedroom to pieces, washing/Drying all clothes and linens, steaming every piece of furniture, following suggested methods I found on this forum, using different techniques to trap/kill and keep the issue at bay. When I say we clean and disinfected everything, I mean EVERYTHING. This includes a fabric steamer, vacuuming, and more steaming. But after that one bug, we couldn't sleep anymore, we were constantly staring around the room in the middle of the night waiting to be fed upon, same in our living room. About a week later, I was crawling into bed and we noticed our dog following something on the blanket, another Live one! Same spray & bag process, another adult male unfed. We have since, done a whole other thorough process in both rooms, including mattress encasements, BB Traps, spray, Talcum Powder (Which was suggested to suffocate them) Vacuuming and more steaming to exult their choice to reside somewhere in our home. Yet, with all of this cleaning, with all of this fighting, we still have found no nest, no sign of where they are hiding.

    In total over the course of 2.5 months, there have been three bites on my partner who seems to be allergic to their saliva, I'm sure I'm being bitten senseless but have yet to find a bite on myself. Believe me, we look at each other every morning for this very purpose. Also, two live adult unfed males.

    As of today, we have done all of the above precautions plus caulking any areas a credit card could fit just in case that is where they are hiding as well as treating any and all furniture in our search for the source. It has been four days, no bites and no bugs but we still have a long way to go as we are avoiding the cost of a PCO treatment, it is not covered by our landlord and so it up to us to ensure this issue is resolved.

    Is it possible, that these are just some stragglers? Are there any other methods We have not used in searching for them?

    Please, any tips or info will help, I'm losing any remaining sanity.

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Apr 17 2016 8:39:35

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    Make sure none of the other apartments are having issues. It's entirely possible to be exposed to just two male bedbugs.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap

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