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LEGAL: Can tenant (paying for extermination), choose pest control co?

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Dec 20 2016 13:36:34

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    I am willing to pay for exterminator, but would prefer to choose the pest control co. The owner's company is not doing a fuller treatment I would like, and they cost more.

    [I do not want to pay for heat alone, but heat plus residuals: dust in voids, and chemicals to create a perimeter so bugs don't spread upon heat. Owner's company would do heat alone (where the consensus I believe is that that is not enough for extermination. Also, owner's company requires I stay out of house overnight till dog has inspected. -- essentially clinical conditions. Other company will send dog to certify after 7-10 days. (Owner's will give 30 day guarantee.)

    Very importantly, owner will blame me for any bug appearance after dog certification. (But they could run into adjacent units.)

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