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legal aspects for infested apartment-not from us!!

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  1. angie

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Nov 16 2007 13:35:30

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    i am trying to figure out how my family is supposed to survive the bed bugs. we live on limited resources and even though the landlord is paying for the sprays, it is not working. 20 units in our building and no one else is claiming to have bugs. we have trashed all beds and furniture and live like we are at a hotel. we want out and think the landlord should pay for our suffering and lost furniture not to mention the laundry and all the time spent preparing for the sprays. the apartment manager knew about the bugs and thought painting over them would kill them. ya right!! its been 5 months. HELP?!

  2. (deleted)


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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Nov 16 2007 16:40:00

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    That's tough, Angie. I'm so sorry.

    You should read the relevant faqs here:

    What kind of PCO treatments have you had in those 5 months? Is it an experienced PCO? Do they follow-up every two weeks? What is their protocol? Whether other apartments are infested or not at this point, your infestation has to be attacked aggressively, or it will spread from your unit to others.

    If you think other units are infested, you need to probably organize your neighbors. Some people have had success doing that. I know it's yet one more burden but if it's what it takes.

    I hope the FAQs are helpful.

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