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  1. nyceastvillagebedbugs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 3 2017 20:00:41

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    Hey guys, so about a year ago we rented a 3 bedroom apartment in Manhattan, as many of you know, most "affordable" buildings in Manhattan had some kind of problems related to bed bugs in the past, and the landlords are suppose to notify new tenants about this, and also wait until the bed bugs are completely eradicated before renting the apartment again. Well they told us our apartment was treated and left empty for several months, but 2 days after moving in we found an adult bedbug alive, we kept finding it on the bathtub which seamed weird, they told us that after spending all the money to move in, including movers, deposit, etc, now we would have to move everything out again, pay for the treatment of all our clothing and bedding and they will send a pest control company, we couldnt afford to do this, so they ended up treating our apartment with our things in here, a few months later again we found another adult alive, we told them about it but the landlords didnt do anything about it, one year into moving here we started finding adults, babies and shed skin only in one room, my roommate who sleeps there had all his back bitten, we also again found some random ones on the bathtub, when i notified my landlord, it was about the same time we had to renew our lease, we signed the lease and the supper was supposed to come pick it up but he never did, so now they know the bedbug problem is getting worse and they wont renew my lease, i feel they are doing this because i dont have as many rights without a lease, they told us from now on we will be on a "month to month" basis and they sent the same pest control again to do a full treatment. My roommate who got bitten got fed up and moved, and the landlord is still charging me for an empty room i cannot rent, i know for a fact the lady in the apartment underneath me had bed bugs last year because i saw the people going in to treat her apartment, but our landlord tried to make us sing a lease where it said that there were no records of bedbugs on the building in the last year, which is a lie, since this lady and myself had them, i looked on public records and theres been reports of bedbugs in the building since 2014, way before we moved in, i tried calling 311, legal aid society, and every other nyc tenant law organization only to be hung up on, or told that there was nothing that they could do about it, at this point I'm spending a fortune between sending my clothing to a bed bug laundry and paying for an empty room, pest control tells me they dont recommend moving out in the middle of a treatment, which means i have to stay here until middle of april, my landlord wont respond any of my emails, so i dont know if i have a lease or not, i dont know if they will return my deposit, i honestly dont know what else to do, i will have to throw away a lot of my furniture, i dont know if i have any legal rights or if i should just give up and loose all this money. if anyone knows of any lawyers in NYC that would work pro bono, or anywhere i could contact to help with this it will be really appreciated.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 3 2017 20:24:15

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    I don't know lawyers who do this kind of pro bono work.

    Have you tried calling Met Council on Housing's tenants rights hotline? It's staffed be volunteers and in my experience, they really know the housing laws and how to respond when landlords don't follow them.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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