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Landlord knew apartment had BBs before renting to me

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  1. scaredycat22

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 10 2017 0:16:15

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    I moved into my apartment March 6 of this year. After a couple weeks of moving in, I started to notice bite marks on my 1-year old son. The window in my bedroom, which he slept in with me, did not shut all the way. This had me thinking these bite marks were mosquito bites. Once I kept seeing them and the more attention I paid to them, I started to notice them in patterns and in 3s. so I started to do some research. My biggest nightmare had come true. Come to find out I had BED BUGS.
    I was always one to say, “I’ll never get bed bugs”. I always said, “You’re not nasty if you get them, you’re only nasty if you keep them”. Well, little did I know, it was ridiculously hard to get rid of them. I thought it was as simple as, checking your mattresses and whatever bugs you find, you kill them, and that’s it. I WISH! I have tried everything and I cannot get rid of these bastards.
    I had brought this problem to my landlord’s attention and they said they would send an exterminator. The exterminator came and they did a walk through to determine if we really had bed bugs or not. They did confirm that we did so they scheduled an appointment to come spray. We had to completely prep our whole house and get it ready for them. We had to wash ALL fabrics in hot water and then dry them on the hottest setting our dryer would allow. We had to clear everything out of the rooms and put all belongings in trash bags and tie them up tightly. We got mattress protectors for all the mattresses and box springs. They were coming to spray the following day.
    After getting our house all the way back together and hoping the problem was gone, we were wrong. We started getting bit again. We checked our mattresses again and found bed bugs on our protectors. So, we did some things ourselves. We went out and got alcohol because I read online that alcohol kills them. I went home and sprayed everything with alcohol. I took our mattress protectors off and washed them in hot water and dried them as hot as I could get them. I sprayed my mattresses in alcohol. I vacuumed all cracks and crevices and when I was finished I emptied my vacuum cleaner far away in the woods. I was just about certain that this would have got rid of them.
    NOOOPPPPEEE! I was wrong again. I contacted my landlord once again and let him know. He contacted the exterminator and set up another appointment. We signed paper work & prepped our house AGAIN. They came the next day and sprayed. When they come to do the treatment, we must leave the house for 3 hours. And not to mention, I have 4 kids! 7, 2, 1 & 3 weeks old! You can only imagine how hard this is on us. It is now September and we are STILL dealing with this issue. Our landlord is still aware and is in the process of finding another exterminator. He was using Black Diamond but obviously their stuff isn’t working.
    I was outside tonight talking to my neighbor and she had mentioned that the people that lived here before me had bed bugs. This is what has me FURIOUS. This has always been a fear of mine. So, every time we move my first question to the landlord is, “Has this unit ever had an issue with bed bugs”? and my landlords answer was NO! my neighbor then continued to tell me that the exterminators came in and sprayed for bed bugs when the previous tenants moved out. She said the unit was empty for about 4 months before we moved in. When I brought this problem to my landlord’s attention for the first time, he acted like I brought them in with me! And when the exterminators came they said I brought them in from work! When they both knew the whole time this apartment was already infested. That’s what pisses me off.
    I want with everything in me to pack my stuff and move but I cannot afford to lose all my belongings. Before I moved in here I had just received my income tax check. So, I got everything new. New beds, new tv stands, new kitchen table. My couch isn’t new and I’ve been wanting a new one so it wouldn’t bother me to leave it behind. My daughter’s whole bedroom suit is brand new. Mattresses and all. My boy’s toddler beds are brand new. I have a brand-new pack and play and baby bed for my 3-week-old. I cannot afford to throw these things away! I don’t know what else to do. The bed bugs have not reached downstairs to my knowledge. That is where we are sleeping at now. All 6 of us. I went to Walmart and bought 2 cots for my toddlers, my daughter is on the love seat, my husband and I are on the couch and my infant is in his pack and play.
    Since my landlord knew that the apartment was infested with bed bugs before we move in, can he get in any type of trouble for still moving us into this unit? There were other units available but he chose to put us in this one. All while knowing there was a bed bug issue with it. This just isn’t right. How could anybody do this to someone, especially somebody with 4 kids! I’ve never had any family so everything I own I have worked my ass off for. Nothing has ever been handed to me. My husband and I. we have been through more than anybody could imagine. We went from being homeless on the streets 2 years ago with 2 of our kids and me being pregnant. Now he works a full-time job at Toyota, I am a preschool teacher and we are doing amazing! Things were finally starting to look up for us. We can afford internet and cable! We never could afford those things! Ughhhh it makes me want to find a couple bugs and stick them inside my landlord’s apartment so he knows what it’s like. He doesn’t have to live with them so I feel like he doesn’t really care. I told him I want a heat treatment because I’ve heard complimentary reviews about them. I told him I am no longer paying rent until this is taken care of. If he doesn’t want to pay for a heat treatment, by law I can pay for it with my rent money and turn the receipt in to him.
    People, I just want to know, can I sue him for everything I’m at a loss of because of these damn things since he KNEW the apartment had them? Can he get into any type of trouble for it? I want to take this to the full extent. Please let me know.

  2. nomorebuggs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 10 2017 23:08:56

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    Check into local laws concerning bbs. You already established that you can use rent to pay for the heat treatment, so you should go that route for sure to start.

    As awful as it sounds, if no one is sleeping in the affected beds, then the bugs will begin to wonder looking for food, so changing sleeping locations is generally not recommended. A family of 6 in one room is sure to produde large CO2 and heat signatures, two (possibly the only) lures of bbs.

    Not an expert. Any advice I give is information gleaned via anxiety-fueled research of credible sources and expert posts here. Please research all advice before treating and consult a professional.
  3. Jacklo

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Sep 15 2017 4:58:12

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    I know how you feel OP, somewhat, I only have 1 kid and 2 cats and no car. I've been through a hell ofa lot with my husband too, finally find a nice place, to find bed bugs. Landlord initially blamed us, first thing he says "How did you bring that in?" when he knows full well my downstairs neighbours are nasty and dirty, live about 10 in a 3 bedroom place, with multiple comings and goings, and they travel alot, and they don't care about filth so why would they care about bugs? He says they haven't complained about bb's so there's no need to inspect, some people are just the worst, they just want to brush it off till they can't anymore, anything to save a buck.

    The blame game is so ignorant.

    From what I gathered from my PCO, if there's no holes in your furniture you're ok, you don't need to get rid of anything. Mattresses can get encasement's, but even encasement's can get holes so make sure you have some other protector over it just to be sure. I have 2 protectors with duct tape over the zipper.

    I'm gonna use caulking on all baseboards, block all unused electrical sockets with duct tape, spread DE and move the hell out as soon as possible. Some people you just can't reason with.

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