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LA PCO -- Bed Bug + Flea double whammy treatment? Effective?

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  1. LosFelizBuggedOut

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Jul 17 2008 16:36:03

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    Hi - so my landlord is being really great and trying to figure out everything that is going on in our complex -- the relevant facts are:

    1) Turns out 4 units in the complex (all adjacent) have been experiencing bites the past 1.5 weeks -- from discussions seems like everyone started getting bites around the same time
    2) Over the past couple days, we were unsure what it was -- there is no confirmed bed bug matter (one sample I thought was an adult male bed bug turned out to be a nymph cockroach -- I spoke with the entomologist myself)-- a I'm thinking not great inspecton by Terminix yielded "no bed bugs"
    3) It seems that at least part (maybe all) of the bites are attributable to what appears a flea infestation (the bites, timing at night, seems to be flea-like, also we have all seen fleas now, though I've only seen one in my apartment)
    4) However -- and this is the fact that really throws me -- my girlfriend just flew from LA to East Coast (we spent alot of time together in the same apartment) and is now experiencing bed bug - like bites! This sees much more bed bug like than fleas.

    If I removed Relevant Fact 4 -- I'd have to conclude it is fleas. So for now I'm going with that.


    1) Can fleas move cross country!? Or maybe it is a delayed bite (after she arrived East Coast she's experienced bites all 3 days)
    2) My landlord (to be safe) has ordered a Bed Bug + Flea treatment in one shot. The PCO has given a 90-day guarantee. There is however, as far as I know, a 2nd treatment involved unless necessary. Not being a PCO or chemist... is this possible? Everything I've read here suggests people will freak and say this won't get the job done.

    Thanks in advance really appreciate any input you might have....

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Jul 18 2008 22:55:11

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    1-- I don't know, but it is possible that your GF picked bed bugs up on a plane or in a taxi or in her new East Coast residence, whatever that is.

    She also could be having a delayed reaction, but I don't know if flea bites do that. Bed bug bites do seem to generally appear after a gap --whether that's hours, a day, or even up to 9 days (according to some literature).

    2-- What kind of treatment? Try to find out the specifics. Then someone can probably weigh in on whether this is possible.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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