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Keeping bed bugs out of specific room-How to?

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Aug 6 2017 12:32:35

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    I can't get a professional, so Im following steps to eliminate bed bugs in my room. Doing my entire house isn't an option right now either. I threw my mattress away, not planning on getting a new one (Im moving soon) either. Besides cleaning, and vacumming are there any tips to keep bedbugs out of my room? I haven't looked behind my desk but there are not any in the rest of my room (they were all in my mattress). I think the begbug I saw last night (it was almost an adult if that is relevant) came from another room in the house. Is there anything I can do to keep bedbugs out of my specific room? My logic is if I keep them out of my room, and focused on my other housemates, they won't bother me. I'm going to University later this month so I'm trying to ride this out for the remaining 2 weeks.

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