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k9 negative, no more signs, but bit worse than ever!

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 8 2012 17:02:33

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    I"m NOT paranoid - I totally woke up with bedbug bites all over me this morning. We had small infestation a few months ago, treated by getting rid of bed, got K9 inspection after which showed no more bugs. At that time my child had some obvious row bites and I had only two single bites. Fast forward a month, a few mysterious bites, but nothing bad, so we had k9 back just in case. Again, nothing found at all. Thought I was just paranoid, but now one week after k9 check, I wake up with about 25-30 bites! Big itchy welts, almost all in clusters or the classic three in a row pattern. They are on my back, chest and down one arm (two neat rows of three). I had nothing like this before. I am baffled and so depressed. Could the dogs have been wrong twice? I can't find so much as a smudge or speck on our mattresses or box springs, and everything is encased in bedbug proof protectors. Before we actually saw the stains and few instars on the bed frame. But these bites are NOT my imagination, since I never imagined anything like this. We live in a single family home and haven't been to anyone's home or hotel recently. Could the k9 have actually brought in some bugs?? He did have long hair and sleep on the floor. But wouldn't a detection dog know if had a bedbug on himself?? I should add that we have climbups and I don't see anything obvious in there (although some of the bugs are so tiny I can't tell what they are). Also should add that k9 trainer/handler is very well qualified and company is a good one.

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