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K9 Inpection - Can it be trusted?

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  1. kat22

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed May 9 2012 23:27:43

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    Hello all,

    Due to lots of traveling and unaware of BBs before, we never took any precaution. Fast forward to 2 months ago when I started to wake up itching. Could not see bites, just intense itching all over feet and legs. My first tought was laundry detergent, so we switched, then I ruled out mites, fleas or spiders as we over cleaned and made sure to get allergenic protectors for the bed. Then I came across this site and panicked.
    So, we looked all over matress, box spring, walls, side tables, dressers, baseboard (our bedroom) and started to clean up our walk in closet. It was needed after 20 years of accumulating junk (we bagged and tied all for trash). We also washed and decided to bag clean clothes. We found nothing.
    I still woke up during early morning hours feeling very itchy. Benadryl was not helping, so I called a k9 company. Before the inspection, I vacummed the whole house and steamed hardwood and tile floors (reason is that I do have a cat and I wanted to make sure it would not interfere, since my cat is everywhere).
    Inspection was done at beginning of month.
    First the handler asked me questions and inspected the house, then he brought the dog. He walked the dog directly to our bedroom. I asked if I could tag along, he said yes, but made sure I stayed out of the room and the dog could not notice me. He kept telling the dog to search, but all I saw was the dog walking around, look at him as if puzzled and all over again. This went on and on everywhere all over the house. Our suitcases were in a spare room and the dog just sniffed and dismissed it as well as a bag of dirty clothes from our last trip. The dog was very interested in my cat (was outside looking in) than in searching so it seemed to me.
    The inspector/handler was so nice that he even pulled the matress/box spring and looked a bit.
    He told me to wash clothes and declutter.
    He said that he can come back at the end of the month - free of charge, just for my peace of mind, as he could see I had some red (getting to be purple) blotches on my knee, leg and foot.
    I have been reading about false positive and also false negative. I understand nothing is 100% accurate at this time and I understand that "show me the bug" is 100% proof, but due to extensive cleaning prior to inspection and low level infestation, a canine inspection and a run of the mill visual inspection could miss bb's?
    Is that the norm for a k9 to act? Just walking around and having no interest on anything/anywhere in the house?
    Can k9 miss bb smell due to other smells?
    Hoping to hear from the experts! Thanks

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