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just watched the video!!!

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  1. angie

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Mar 6 2008 18:48:26

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    I just finished watching the CBC video off the blog and that was an awesome video. It also helped me make up my mind that I am going to hire the attorney I talked to 2 days ago and pursue a case against my previous LL. I feel that they knew the apartment was infested before I moved my family in and after all we have been through, I think we deserve something for our pain and lost belongings. It will cut our family funds down to only being able to pay our bills but, I feel that this is something that needs to be done. I will let you know what happens after our meeting. Calling him right now and scheduling an appointment. Thank you for posting such an informed and educating video, Nobugs! I have plenty of evidence and there are lots of paper trails for me to fall back on. I am sure that the health department will also help out with their samples and their photos. Also, I have the KETV video that I did to back me up! I also have over 75 photos of bugs and bites and anything that I need to sue them.

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