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Just moved, plz help!

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    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new to this site and made a big mistake of moving into a house with a friend that had bed bugs in the basement but she had never been exposed to them sleeping upstairs. I woke up with the infamous linear pattern on my arm, and only slept in the bed one more night after that. I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to. Washed all my clothes in hot water and dried on high heat, placed them in garbage bags and carried them out to the deck immediately. All my belongings were placed in Rubbermaids or Clear Sealed bags. Poulin's pest control came in to do the initial house treatment on Thursday of last week, I brought my belongings on a truck to the heat vault at their location (it heats your things up to 140 degrees for 6 hours, the only "known" method to eliminate EVERYTHING including eggs). From there i treated the back of the truck and the tarp I used, used New bags to put everything in, and had it brought to my sister's house in the country where I am staying until the end of December. I go back and forth between here and my other sister's place when I work evenings in the city, and have been *very* careful. I returned here to the country after not sleeping here in the past five nights, with my things only delivered last night around 7pm where I brought them directly to my spot downstairs. For some reason I was worried, so I slept on the couch upstairs. When I went downstairs about an hour before sunrise this morning, I felt the need to inspect. When I turned my pillow over, I found a bed bug... ALIVE. Now keep in mind this is a brand new bed here, I did not bring any furniture over. My sister will KILL me if I carried them here, even though I did everything right. Am I going to have to go through extermination again?? Or was this one little tough guy that escaped everything? When I called Poulin's to speak with the Quality Control Supervisor he said he wouldn't normally be too concerned considering sometimes they can live for 5 days after crossing the product, but the fact that my belongings were in the heat vault and something may have survived does cause a little concern. He's planning on sending someone for an inspection today. I already can barely sleep even when I thought I was safe, now I feel so sick to my stomach that I may have to go through this all over again. Do I tell my sister? Does ANYONE have any advice for me? I'm going absolutely crazy, considering that I already suffer from OCD. Please help!

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