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Just moved in... and an NYC SURPRISE!

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  1. blueberrymary

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Dec 24 2013 0:32:51

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    Hello everyone,

    My roommate and I have never dealt with bed bugs before, but we just recently moved into a new apartment in NYC at the beginning of this month. Here's what we've been dealing with the for the past three weeks:

    We found two bed bugs on my roommate's blankets (she stays in the living room and has been sleeping on the floor waiting for her mattress to get in) five days after moving in. At this point, we were not experiencing any bites, but we found the actual bugs first. We immediately contacted our landlord, who then told us that someone below us was infested. He neglected to tell us this, of course, until we had already moved in, and we do not know if the broker we used was informed of this, but when he showed me a unit in the building before moving in, apparently the former tenants left in a hurry and left furniture and things behind. It all makes sense now, of course.

    We've seen three more since then, two being in the living room and one crawling on my pillow in the bedroom as I was about to fall asleep. After seeing the first two, the landlord called in an exterminator (the same ones he uses for the rest of the extermination in the building, who also have TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE reviews on Yelp and elsewhere). They sprayed haphazardly in the living room and bedroom only, and left piles of something called Delta Dust underneath our electrical outlets in the living room only. We washed all of our clothing and dried on high heat, and don't have much stuff to begin with since we just moved in.

    A few days after the treatment, we found 2 more so we requested another treatment that week. We again washed our clothes and then sealed them in vacuum space bags this time. The exterminator sprayed the floor and baseboards of the entire apartment, but he said that if all the units are not treated, they are likely to return.

    Today, while I am home for the holidays, my roommate called saying she found another one in her newly arrived actual bed and had 5 bites. We don't know what to do at this point. We are planning on calling 311 to file a proper report with the city, but we don't know how to convince our landlord to treat all of the units in a way that would be satisfactory and prevent their return. We are now considering breaking our lease, but need to ensure that we get our money back from hopefully both the landlord and the broker.

    Are we overreacting? What steps should we take now? Does anyone have any experience with moving out of an infested apartment and how to deal with landlords as far as getting your deposits back? Should we refuse to pay rent until this issue is dealt with properly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Dec 24 2013 1:01:41

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    If your NYC landlord did not give you a copy of this bed bug disclosure statement required by the local laws, before you signed the lease, then he probably violated the housing maintenance code.

    This is the form you fill out to report that:

    DBB-N Tenant’s Complaint of Owner’s Failure to Disclose Bed Bug Infestation History/Notice and Order:
    Tenants have to call 1-866-275-3427 or call/visit one of
    the borough offices to request a copy of the form;
    the form will be mailed to the tenant’s address.
    - See more at:

    If multiple tenants complain directly to the city about bed bugs in the building, and city housing inspectors then confirm the cases, filing a violation for each (rather than this happening in just one unit), the city website suggests they can and will do more to quickly and fully resolve the situation. For what it's worth.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. cilecto

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Dec 24 2013 10:45:48

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    What NoBugs said. I'd like to add some important info on "bites".

    Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites and some people don't react at all. So, seeing bed bugs, if that's what they are, and no "bites" does not mean you're not getting bit.

    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night...
    - Psalms 91:5-7

    (Not an pro)

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