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Just hired and found out about beg bug issue at new job

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  1. newhire

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 9 2012 16:41:16

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    So I just started a new job and 2 weeks into it a bed bug dog comes around for an inspection. At first I was fine but once I started to ask around about the issue it turns out there have been bed bugs in the office for over a year. To make matters worse they sat me right next to the closet where the problem began. I tried not to panic since the bedbug dog did not find any bedbugs for the first time in the least few months.

    Well my worst nightmare come true, well not my worst, but a really bad one! I found a bedbug on my couch sent it to get inspected by my exterminator and it was confirmed to be a bedbug. I had the K9 dog come and inspect my house and it came up clean.

    I left a great job for this new opportunity and as it turns out was a bug mistake. Now what I thought was a raise for moving to this new job has turned into money spent on a bedbug dog. Had I known about the issue I never would have left my job for for the new bedbug job.

    What do I do? Is my employer, like a landload obligated to disclose information about bedbugs? Can I get any of my money back for my inspection? How do I keep from getting the bugs in the future? Should I have demands like change of my desk?

    I'm already looking for another job this is one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and I def learned my lesson... the grass is not always greener.

  2. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 9 2012 20:54:20

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    Please read this. You going to need to develop a strategy to protect yourself.

    For starters, I would purchase ziplocks to accommodate any bags or personal effects you carry to work and seal those things in during the day. Don't bring things home to work on. I would have a pair of shoes that you only wear to work, and those shoes are bagged in a ziplock otherwise. If you use your car to commute, you may want to have clothes you change into at work and clothes you wear in transit. You will need to treat the things you wear regularly. If you wear the clothes you wear home from the office, you may want to try David's box protocol where you strip your clothes off in a large plastic bin and carry those things immediately to your washer/dryer. (You'll want to search the site for his explanation; it's better than mine.)

    If you end up there long term, you may want to purchase the original packtie so that you can heat treat your belongings/clothing regularly. Especially if you carry a lot to and from work, or do need to bring paperwork home. Luckily, I found them to not be expensive to run. Cheaper than my air conditioner.

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