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Just found bloodspots on my pillow... at the OLD apartment.

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    Sun Dec 27 2009 17:29:22

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    So, I already moved myself and all of our stuff to Albuquerque, where I found the first bedbug. Now back in Denver getting my hubby and his stuff from the previous (brand new, and we were the first tenants) apartment. Taking the sheets off of the pillows here, I found one small speck on hubby's pillow and two large bloodstains on my pillow. We had already ziplocked all his clothes without treatment, because we assumed that the infestation was on the Albuquerque end. Now we get to deal with heat treating all his clothes.

    I am so frustrated with this whole situation, and really curious how the heck we had an infestation here, in a brand new apartment, and never detected it until we moved. Or am I freaking out over some little stains??? UGH. The nightmare continues.

    Plus, how am I supposed to keep the car from becoming infested during the 7 hour drive "home"? (Truly, I feel like I have no home right now.)

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