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Just discovered bed bugs: getting heat treatment - advice?

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    Thu Oct 11 2012 14:04:07

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    I'm going crazy. I recently bought a condo in a 4 unit structure. I've been there a month, and have been getting very small raised red bites in the typical breakfast, lunch, dinner pattern. My bites have been very mild though; I must not react very strongly.

    Anyway, four evenings ago, I was getting ready for bed, and found a bed bug crawling on my quilt. A closer inspection revealed a few black specs on my fitted sheet and dust ruffle. A flip of the box spring revealed one more bug.

    I only found two. Since then, I have not seen anymore. I've been sleeping on my couch (probably not the best idea, I know, but I'm terrified of my bed right now), and am getting an air mattress tonight.

    I had an inspection done, and verified it is indeed bed bugs. The inspector said that both were adults... one had recently just had a meal, yuck. I've decided to get the thermal heat treatment since I want to fully eradicate this problem without trying various things first that might not work.

    My question is... based on only finding two bugs, does this sound like a mild case? My mattress is pristine... no marks or anything on it; same with my box spring...except for that lone bed bug hanging on to it. Also, I probably only had a handful of black specs on my sheet and dust ruffle.

    Will the heat treatment work, or am I in store for a long road ahead? I am suspecting that the bugs came from the moving truck.

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