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Itchy raised lines on arms

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  1. BettyV4

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Feb 2 2010 16:43:21

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    Haven't been here in a long time. Lots of personal stuff going on. However, it's time to be here today. So help!!!!! Most of you know I've had bedbugs for two years - house on left, attached won't treat for lack of money (or insanity). Therefore we do the best we can. My PCO comes and does his thing - calked and calked, encased, etc., etc. I live in the vacuum. The bites are periodic and my bed is isolated. The one thing I get which I never saw on the forum was the reactions to something that I get. Very plainly - long, raised itchy lines - generally on my arms. More on fleshy areas of my arms. Not round - although I have seen hives, round with these raised lines; but more recently just these lines. They exist for a very short time then leave. I've just been on the Mayo Clinic and WebMd site. In the moment I'm to hysterical to actually be anywhere or do anything but explain this weirdness here. I've gone on with my life - don't want to get into pesticides hardly anymore - my husbands lungs are constantly congested - I now have bad sinus stuff - so I'm looking into more natural approaches. Good luck to me. If anyone has suggestions please feel free. Just waiting on house next store to do a poltergeist high in the sky.

  2. bait

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Feb 6 2010 12:58:29

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    There are red lines that quickly fade - I wouldn't exactly describe them as raised - associated with the bite area. They get plenty of mentions on these boards and I was able to locate some in searching for the word "scratch." I described mine once but I was unable to find it.

    I think you're trying to describe something else, for which I haven't a clue. It's possible it's the same thing but in your case, since everyone's different, the red line is raised. Then again scabies do this tunneling thing, but I'm not sure that's raised either.

    Good luck. Hope you get some satisfaction; it sounds unpleasant.


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