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itchy cats, flea treatment, bed bugs?

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  1. tinybugs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Dec 7 2017 15:15:44

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    so my story seems to be a bit confusing. my cats have been on flea treatment since september. one of them has flea allergy dermatitis and will get scabs around her neck when she has fleas. i treated both with revolution and assumed the problem was over since her scabs healed up quickly. however, they seemed to constantly be itching, despite the treatment. once the one month of flea treatment was up, i started noticing little scabs on her neck again so i put them back on revolution, cleaned the heck out of my house, the usual stuff. this is around the time i started getting mystery bites and started thinking maybe i had bb's, though there were absolutely no signs of them. the bed i was sleeping on had a metal frame and there were no casings, no dead bugs, no spots on the sheets, nothing. but still bites. i put DE on the floor and still no signs, but bites persisted.

    i moved during this time (no furniture, only clothes that were dried extensively) to my parents place in a super run down apartment building. cats were still itchy, bites were still occurring at an even faster rate and now, even under my clothes. i freaked, checked the bed and couldn't draw any conclusions. all i saw at the head of the bed was what seemed to be a super tiny clear spider, i assumed a bb nymph, but it ran so fast that i couldn't grab it. i told my mom about it and she thought i was crazy since she had never been bit. they've lived there for over ten years, haven't travelled in maybe the last two years and no one ever comes over. i told her the bugs can come through outlets, wall crevices, many different ways in apartment buildings. she said the neighbours have been the same for quite some time and they also have kids so if they had bb's, they would likely at least seek treatment. frustrating.

    perhaps a week ago, i started noticing what looks like tiny clear/brown worms crawling on the bed. they are so tiny, very hard to see. i know these aren't bb's but could these be the culprits of the bites? how likely is it that i brought them with me? if they are flea larvae, where the heck did they come from since both cats are medicated and all i brought were thoroughly cleaned clothes? i am moving again in the next few weeks (and getting the furniture from my old place, no mattress though, lol) into my friends apartment. i would be mortified if i brought any type of infestation with me. should i be treating for bb's even though all i've seen is that unconfirmed nymph? if they were biting my cats, wouldn't i see the bites? i am so very worried so all advice is appreciated.

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Dec 7 2017 18:35:04

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    Revolution is usually 3 doses, a month apart. Did you do all three?

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