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  1. seancruz1992

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Jul 1 2019 14:04:15

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    Ok. THIS is really annoying the doodoo out of me.

    Had bedbugs 3 years ago. Treated. Gone for a long time. I found an adult female bed bug 4 months ago. Treated the place a couple times, got a new bed, new bed has encasements, then a week and a half ago I found a nymph bed bug, both of which I felt crawling on me at night around 11ish-midnight. My skin is hypersensitive and I can feel almost anything even tiny touching me. So anyways, I treated again, now we have tiny black flies which is every year around this time and their bites are just like bed bug bites that I've had before. This causes so much stress because I can't figure out where bites are really coming from now EXCEPT for the fact that there are some seriously itchy spots on my legs and arms but NO BUMPS, but they turn very red like the red blotches I would get ON TOP OF bite bumps from bed bug bites before.

    Every time I was bitten by bed bugs before they ALWAYS left an itchy spot that would turn into a huge red inflamed and painful welt, black flies do also except they're slightly smaller. But is it possible for bites to just change randomly to no bumps but stay really itchy? I haven';t found an new sign of bugs... yet since I know checking takes a lot of detailed inspection. Thoughts? Anyone with similar experiences?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Jul 1 2019 23:22:33

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    That's why i don't focus on skin lesions, far too many variables.

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