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Itchy all over?

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  1. nervousaboutbedbugs

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Thu Aug 13 2009 20:34:13

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    We know, from K9 inspection, that we have BBs in an upstairs bedroom in our house. Question is - both my husband and I are being driven crazy from a feeling of being bitten on our feet, ankles, and legs when we sit on our living room couch. According to the K9, the couch was bug-free... and the bites we feel are more like flea bites than BB bites. Thing is, we don't see any fleas. I've shuffled around in white socks, nothing. I've watched my feet to see if anything is jumping to bite me, nothing. Our animals are with us and they aren't scratching.

    I've read before of developing a sensitivity to 'all things bug' once being bitten by bed bugs. But, this still seems bizarre to me. Any ideas?


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