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Isotech Canine Inspection

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    Fri Aug 3 2012 12:48:32

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    Dog inspection today, it went better than I expected. Luckily it's only MY apartment infested none of my tenants, whew, but I still think I might treat the entire building.

    I got Isotech to come out for the inspection, they actually have the best prices here in LA for Canine inspection, I know people here said they are quite pricey. They charge about $100 p/apartment, but I was able finagle a lower price as I have four units. Even if they had charged me the entire $400, it would've been cheaper than other that had quoted me. One company said $250 per apartment, another $300 per hour!! Process took about an hour and a half. I have yet to discuss pricing and treatment options with PCO, only Canine guy came out today. Kinda wish they had both come so I could've discussed treatment pricing and strategy in one visit. But PCO will get the Canine report and call me later I guess to discuss such things.

    Manny(the human) and Dash (the dog) were quite nice and dilligent. Manny is definitely a good listener and I was finally able to vent to someone face to face who understands. It felt great (even though my room became a scratching post for Dash with all the positive alerts). He had some really great info and tips and that even I, after countless nights online researching, had not uncovered yet. He says when he travels (which is a lot apparently for work with Dash), even when he has Dash with him at the hotel and the room is all clear, he still won't sit at the desk chair, allow maids to make up his room (for fear they had just cleaned an infested room), never puts his luggage in the obvious places others have (drawers, closets, bed, etc) but he puts it in the bathroom (hmmm, never thought of that) as that is the one room they are most unlikely to be. He also says trash bags/zip locks are your best friend when traveling or even when you come home from somewhere, put all used laundry in the bag and seal it, THEN put it back in your luggage, then straight into the washer/dryer at home.

    Anyway, just wanted to post the process as it chugs along. I feel better knowing that it's just me, and I can now devise the best plan of action. Oh, I'm still wanting to know if anyone here in LA has tried TOP DOG? Their prices seem spendier than Isotech, but they are the ONLY ones with somewhat of a guarantee (30 days) after heat treatment which would probably keep my paranoia at bay (for 30 days at least) post heat. Isotech technically "guarantees" as they will do another Canine inspection after treatment, but once the all clear by dogs is given, you are on your own! But if the dogs alert positive, they will treat again for free. Thanks Bed Buggers, I love you guys, have a good Friday!

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