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Isolate bed? Monitors? Caulking?

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  1. pam

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Thu Sep 2 2010 22:15:00

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    OK. This is my third post tonight. I have been reading this forum off and on for a year, but have never posted until today.
    We have used professional treatment - but only one treatment, then we see stains/bites again, and then get another treatment. I think we've wasted money and not done this properly.

    I want the low-down on what is worth the money and what isn't.
    What are Climb ups and monitors?
    Does using double-sided tape help?
    Does using DE help?
    Should we buy a Packtite? (My husband travels)
    Does isolating the bed make the bugs spread elsewhere in the house?
    What, exactly, are people caulking? I keep reading about caulking, but don't quite understand.

    It helps that we are in a house, no longer in an apartment building. So we just have to get this house sorted. Help!

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