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ISO PCO in Southern CA (Help our PCO has issues)

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  1. JessieJoestar

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Oct 13 2016 10:50:26

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    Edit: Below is my long ramble story but we have DeweyPestControl and they said they will only do heat treatment or vikane.
    3000+ for the house for heat, doesn't cover back house where my cousin lives.
    Vikane barely less and we'll need to be out of the house for several days.
    Both are too costly and don't cover the entire property. They say spraying doesn't work period which while reading stuff here I call bs.

    We need to find and operator to rid us of these demons because we have older people in the house along with a toddler.

    Okay, so to start off with we have had positive if on bed bugs. Today my uncle waited until I got up and showed me his platform for his bed and there were bed bugs nesting with fecal stains.

    I sprayed them with some steri fab but it's clearly worse than what he said from a few days ago...

    Several days ago he asked me what some bugs were since I'm really paranoid and every time I break out in a rash I start googling it and bed bugs always pop up (2015 after a flea infestation at my old house I started breaking out in a severe rash and thought they were back but it was that I'm allergic to my own sweat and that of my exs). I learned about them and shuddered, grateful it would never happen to me. But was I wrong.

    I ended up looking at the bugs which were on tissue and dead and they were bed bugs.
    I told him. And I had some cans of Phantom and some Temprid left over and said I could spray because he said 'I've only seen a couple'
    After seeing what I saw today and one that was walking out from under the door at 1 in the morning I think it's much worse and beyond what I know.

    Some background on what I know:
    Read about bed bugs and how to ID. What happened is I bought a small trailer for semi cheap, guy said if had water damage and that was it. Didn't see bed bugs or anything else.
    Took it home and when we started tearing it apart bed bugs came out.
    Had every one run out (well just me and my dad) and clean up and isolate the clothes until they could be washed and I could buy something.

    Long story short, trailer was not being lived in. Had bed bugs, tried fogging it with hot shot like an idiot and saw nearly none of them died. Bought a lot of alcohol and tea tree and laverender oil. Hosed the place down and gutted it until it was just the metal outer walls and some of the framing. Left like that and hosed with alcohol.
    Saw no adult bed bugs but saw some nymphs after a time.
    Ended up buying a bed bug kit from domyownpestcontrol, treated with that.
    Resumed gutting and then replacing the framing, insulation and walls. Still spraying about every 7-10 days meanwhile.
    Finish it up to where I could put a bed in and saw no bugs (not that I trusted that).
    Moved in and no bites for the first week.
    Found no fecal stains, no bed bugs, still spraying once a week with Phantom and Temprid SC. Also have a active guard mattress pad on my mattress.

    Then my uncle mentions the bugs in the house.
    I go in the house daily to cook or hang out and do laundry.
    And sit on the furniture.
    I was only receiving bites on my legs at first but the longer I stayed in the house I got several on my arms and back.
    Explains why I saw nothing in the trailer because they weren't there.

    The only logical things I can think of how they got into the house was muy uncle was going into the trailer before I fully for rid of the trailer of them because when I got to the point of only seeing a few sluggish nymphs I saw his chair along with food wrappers in there and later he mentioned how cool it was during the day in there.
    That or the few bugs I saw in the outer walls dropped down and hopped a ride on the dogs when they would wander back there.

    But the main vector is my uncle's bed so I'm thinking it was my first theory.

    Before anyone assumes it was me I would spray myself down with alcohol and then shower and isolate my clothes and wash everything immediately.
    I was not getting bitten other than several bites where a mosquito kept biting me and I would see it land on me and got the bites in those areas.

  2. JessieJoestar

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Oct 13 2016 10:55:09

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    Edit: Actually had no bites the first two and a half to three weeks from bed bugs, I accidentally let mosquitoes in one day and they chomped on me and I saw them do it.

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Oct 14 2016 2:09:45

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    Some of this may help: California PCOs

    Those are only threads tagged manually. You can also try the search function at top right.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  4. JessieJoestar

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Oct 16 2016 2:00:48

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    I actually called Terminex but the unfortunate news is that we may not be able to afford a PCO to even start treatment on us.

    What we ended up doing was getting rid of the infested box springs (wrapped in plastic and sealed (hopefully I didn't help with that)), bed frames (ordered new ones from Amazon that are metal), and trying to remove clothes and bag them.
    Ended up spraying the room with alcohol mixture and then some Phantom aerosol so my family members would feel okay about sleeping in the room.

    Next day ended up spraying with some Temprid SC.
    Unfortunate news is that my room may have gotten one or two since I was helping with stuff.
    I ended up having to run in to grab something and didn't know I had been bitten.
    Either when I sat down I squished it against my mattress or I was bleeding quite a bit from where I was bitten.
    Hoping it was just one and I squished it.
    My anxiety is already going up from this at this point because god only knows who could have been exposed to these demons in the 4 months no one mentioned there were bed bugs.

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