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Is vacuuming Enough?

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jun 25 2012 20:03:21

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    Hello, I’m in need of some major help!
    And in need of some advice and some guidance!

    My problem started maybe 3 months ago? I’m not even sure. At first I thought it was mosquitos because it was beginning to get hot. So obviously I thought nothing of it. I applied the itch cream and went on with my life. I would get one bite here and one there and sometimes two at one spot.

    But one day as I was rolling in my bed, I thought to look around the floor to see if anything was there, and holy cow! There it was, lying on its back, a bug. I was hoping that it wasn’t a bed bug… and I wish I took a picture but at the time I wasn’t thinking. I thought it was still alive so I blew at it and no movement. I grabbed my lint roller and rolled it up. As I stared at it and blew at it and poked it with a piece of paper it did not move its little legs. It was dead. I pulled out my laptop and did some research and bam, there it was, my worst nightmare - a bed bug. How did it die I wondered…

    But that didn’t matter. And PLUS! It was a male one and the next thing was to freak out and find its mate! So I cleaned everything; I bagged everything in my room and got rid of clutter around my bed. The cleaning process was great, I mean I washed everything that was washable and threw out stuff that I didn’t need anymore. My room looks way emptier than before. This took a couple of days, and within those couple of days I didn’t get bit that much maybe one bite every two days. I got a mattress protector maybe 2 weeks later and vacuumed everything that night. I vacuumed the edges and every corner of my room.

    As I was vacuuming my bed – my bed is freakin wood and the part that I don’t understand why that is, the wood on the bottom that is holding up the mattress is unfinished and I read that bed bugs can hide in the tiniest, skinniest cracks. Anyway as I was vacuuming my bed I discovered another bug; it was not hiding in the cracks, but more like chilling on top of the wood, I went for the lint roller and rolled it up. I was hoping that it was dead like the one that I found but it was pretty much alive, my boyfriend took a video of it, ill post it up when he emails the video to me. This bed bug was running up a storm trying to get off the lint roller; I finished vacuuming the bed and didn’t find any other bug and killed the one that we caught. Thinking that it was all over I slept fine for 3 days. But on the forth day I saw two baby bed bugs. I killed them and couldn’t sleep; I stayed up and was on bed bug ALERT the whole night. And for about 2 weeks I was on bug alert. I slept with the light on and a lint roller in my hand. I would find maybe one or two baby bed bugs every other day and crush them with the lint roller.

    And about just the past week I hardly got bite and I hardly see any bugs.

    And just a couple of days ago I chalked any crack I saw around my bed. I now vacuum once a week… making this the third week that I have vacuumed, but I wipe down as much as possible before I sleep and I look through a lot of my old things to throw useless junk out. I am currently waiting for my friends to help me seal up the cracks in the unfinished wood under my mattress. I also continue to be on bug alert and I sleep with the light on until 3-4am and with a lint roller in my hand.

    I called an exterminator yesterday and he told me that it will cost up to $1050 and up for the treatment in my home. I don’t have enough money. But I have read a lot of success stories about people who got rid of them without calling the exterminator and spending a lot of money.

    I want to know if just cleaning daily will get rid of my problem…

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