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Is This Standard Procedure? Vent and Needing Advice.

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  1. gettnbit

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Mon Sep 1 2008 19:02:28

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    I live in a duplex. My previous neighbor apparently had a really bad case of bed bugs and failed to notify the landlord. They were on her walls when they went in to clean. Since she moved, they sprayed her place and told me they were going to spray because they didn't want them spreading. So they did, new neighbors moved in and now we both have the bugs. They seem to have them considerably worse next door.

    The first couple of times they sprayed it was not that bad, but we were also not advised on what to do except wash and dry all bedding at a laundry mat. The third time we had to bag up everything including clothing and remove any baby items so my son would not come into contact with the poison and launder all bedding and clothing at the laundry mat...the last time which was 1 week ago, same with bagging clothing, bedding, but in addition we also had to bag all food, dishes acutually everything except the bed, crib and other furniture. The complex put us in a motel for 3 nights and are supposed to reinburse us for our laundry expenses.

    Here's the problem, our first night back, the neighbors found a live bug on the bed and I was bit that night as well...We were not advised to keep clothing etc. in bags and such as I have read on here. As far as the bugs, the ones here are not hiding out that well. I found a live one behind my bed this a.m. in broad daylight. My neighbors and I are of course exhausted...I've taken 11.5 hours off from work because I'm a single mom and can not move and bag things or unbag them while the baby is at home. Another thing they had us do was vacuum all furniture, flooring(it's all tile) and mop before I could bring the baby in.(does that make sense?) This took an entire day. Is this normal protocol for dealing with these things... We're not even done yet apparently. Not even 2 weeks have passed and we are all being bit again!!!

    Also what is a PCO?

    Any advice on what to do next...besides let the landlord know...

  2. buggyinsocal

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Fri Sep 12 2008 12:00:25

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    A PCO is a pest control something or another. It's what professionals in the pest control industry prefer to be called (As opposed to exterminators).

    Have you read all of the FAQs yet? A lot of them will give you an idea about what's standard procedure and what's not. However, do keep in mind that every treatment is a little different. Some PCOs want you to bag, others don't. Laundry is pretty standard in any bed bug treatment, but that's about the only constant.

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