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is this normal post-treatment?

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  1. freakout

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Jan 11 2012 6:25:22

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    It's been 2 1/2 months since my treatments and about every 2-3 weeks I find a random bb. I found some over the 1st month which I was told was normal after treatment. Over second month I've come across 2. (one under my bed crawling across the encasement, 1 on the couch-possibly from curtains from another room that I laid on the couch when I was painting the other room) I have called my PCO over the past month but all he tells me is to keep a look-out. Is this normal to see this so long after treatment? or should I be requesting another treatment?

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Jan 11 2012 6:53:56

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    I would strongly advise you to check with all adjoining neighbours to make sure they are not the source.

    If they are not then check your work locations and vehicles for signs of activity.

    Without knowing more details in terms of the level of infestation, the duration and the likley source its hard to say that is "normal" for any given bedbug situation but from what you have described I would be starting to look at alternative sources for the infestation.

    It may not be a matter of getting another treatment but actually working out what the source is in your situation.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
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