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Is this normal for a PCO?

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  1. Itchyinthecity

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 23 2016 16:09:58

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    Hi -

    My LL is not paying to treat our infestation, but will only authorize one PCO to come in. I am very skeptical about this PCO. After looking at the FAQs, I have some concerns. Am I being crazy, or am I right to be skeptical?

    1. They are only spraying once. They will spray a second time within 30 days, at half price.
    2. They only spray the perimeter. If I take my mattress off they'll spray the bed frame. They won't spray the box spring.
    3. They say I should just throw away my mattress and box spring (not sure who can dispose of these). If not, they recommend encasements.
    4. Haven't been able to tell me yet *what* they are spraying.

    I guess that doesn't sound too bad when I write it out. But other PCOs I got quotes from included 2 treatments 2 weeks apart. Overall, about the same price though.

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