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Is this a good monitoring strategy for a non-responder?

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  1. ozbugz

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Jul 22 2015 5:57:26

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    So I have not seen any signs (bugs, fecal or cast skins) for a while, but keep getting the odd minot skin spot on my head, neck and shoulders (I am pretty much a non responder, didn't know we had bbs until I saw one). Also after treatment I suffered a spate of delusory 'bite' sensations for a while and actually thought we had fleas, but we didn't (my samples were all identified as 'textile' by local entomologist - I really lost the plot for a while there). During that period there were some odd blood spots on the sheets but no other signs. I have also had DE down for a few weeks
    However I now find it hard to know if we still have bugs if not. I have a slat bed with encased mattress but am worried there may still be bugs in my wood and metal bed frame. It is DEd but there are joins I cannot take apart.
    So, I have ordered BBpassive monitors (thanks Sheree!) and climbups in the hope any bugs in the frame (if any) will make themselves known and can be eliminated. I would be grateful for any comments from the hive mind on this plan.
    Thank you!

  2. Richard56

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Jul 22 2015 7:26:21

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    It's a good plan combined with periodic visual inspections of bedding and other likely areas of bed bug activity. More info in our resource section. If you don't feel that is enough, you can always call in a professional and have them inspect.


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